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Your family: past, present and future

What is more important than family?
As we all grow older, links and family ties become ever more important, and ever more fragile. Keeping records and family stories alive for generations to come will be an invaluable way to preserve your family’s social history and memories of the many individuals who make your family so unique.


Personal Attention and Ongoing Help

We take the time to listen, research and help you document your family history for you and future generations to enjoy.

Families are always changing and evolving – They are your heritage, and your gift to those who follow. We take pride in working with you to learn how your ancestors lived and worked. We help you to collect the documents to bring the past to life, and we specialise in creating personalised web sites to present your family story.

Our Services

Family History

We research your family history using contemporary records and other sources.


Social History

Put your family history into the context of the local and social history of where they lived.


Your Web Site

We build your web site to document your family story and share it with your wider family.



We help organise your heirloom documents, and maintain your history up to date.


“We’re so glad we got started with Your Online Heritage .. so many things we did not know about our family, their achievements and hardships. And now we have something the whole family can enjoy and add to.”

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Your Family Web Site

We work with you to build your unique family web site. Your site can include the family history story we help you discover, the genealogy you have researched yourselves, family stories, image galleries, and anything else you'd like.

You can add to your site at any time so that your family story is always up to date for the benefit of distant relatives and for future generations.

Some Examples