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<a href=''>British Pathé</a>

British Pathé

Remember those old news reels? British Pathé News was established in 1896 and reported on all the great news stories of the world for 80 years to 1976. Even more important, they reported on local news, sports events, entertainment and the social issues of the day. Though British Pathé News last reported over thirty years […]
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<a href=''>Archive Documents</a>

Archive Documents

Fortunately our ancestors have left a trail of documentary evidence behind themselves. We are all too aware that our own lives are marked by a trail of paper, and more recently, electronic records from the moment we are born to the point we die. Although the records we are required to maintain today are perhaps […]
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<a href=''>Data Discipline</a>

Data Discipline

I was trained to record information clearly, in a way which would be easily understandable at some point in the future, should I need to refer to it.. That was many years ago, and long before I ever imagined building large genealogy databases. My interest in genealogy began at about the time desktop computers entered […]
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<a href=''>UK Census Records</a>

UK Census Records

As with most serious family historians, I like to be able to verify everything before making changes to my family tree, I also like to record my sources so that when I come to look again at a particular family, I can see where a particular fact came from. In my haste to follow a […]
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<a href=''>A Time Warp</a>

A Time Warp

This fascinating insight into the recent past is to be saved from the developers. We have to hope that the elderly owner of this cottage was happy in his rustic lifestyle. In any event, and no doubt unwittingly, he has left a rare glimpse into the past and a true reminder of a rural English […]
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