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Local & Social History

Your heritage is forever linked to the towns and villages where your family lived and worked.

Even the most modest family contributed to the local community. We help you to understand how.

In many cases, you can still see the traces of places where your ancestors lived their lives. Understanding more of the history of those places can help you feel closer to them. We specialise in helping you to do that.

“The places we live shape us, the places we leave behind forges our history, and the places we might travel to becomes our mysterious future.”


Our commitment to Your Past

We are committed to accurate research of local, social and family histories.

Families are always changing and evolving – They are your heritage, and your gift to those who follow. We take pride in working with you to learn how your ancestors lived and worked. We help you to collect the documents to bring the past to life, and we specialise in creating personalised web sites to present your family story.


Package: Family History

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  1. Contemporary Record Search.
    Research Contemporary Records Written records are nothing new, even modest families have been subject to them for centuries. We will search available records including civil, parish, military and press.

  2. Identify Three Generations

  3. Your Family History Presentation

Your Family History


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“You don’t stumble upon your heritage.
It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.”

Other Services

Family History

We research your family history using contemporary records and other sources.


Your Web Site

We build your web site to document your family story and share it with your wider family.



We help organise your heirloom documents, and maintain your history up to date.


“Hi there Martin. I am so thankful for stumbling across your site and I am even more grateful to you for all the work you’ve done. I have tried for years yet would hit a dead end every time.”


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