Your Family Story

Learn more about the family you never knew you had.

We help you to learn more about that history, to find your ancestors without whom you wouldn’t be here.

Using contemporary records which recorded the lives of our ancestors from the 16th century, we help you to learn more about the family you never knew you had. Your family history is your heritage.

“You don’t stumble upon your heritage.
It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.”


We Start With What You Know

We take the time to listen, research and help you document your family history for you and future generations to enjoy.

knowledge and your family stories are a starting point which can help us find more about your roots. We’ll work with them, and all the tools available to trace your heritage and answer some of those questions your family have asked for generations.

“Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards”

Package: Your Family Story

We undertake a comprehensive search of family records and confirm details based on what information you have given, if any.

  1. Contemporary Record Search.
    Research Contemporary Records Written records are nothing new, even modest families have been subject to them for centuries. We will search available records including civil, parish, military and press.

  2. Identify Three Generations

  3. Your Family History Presentation

Your Family Story


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Other Services

Social History

Put your family history into the context of the local and social history of where they lived.


Your Web Site

We build your web site to document your family story and share it with your wider family.



We help organise your heirloom documents, and maintain your history up to date.


“When I was younger, none of this mattered much, that changes, and I am glad I started making a record and talking to my parents and grandparents while they are around so I could record our lives.  You really start thinking about where you came from when you see the next generation.”


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